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Mid-Size Manure Spreaders

Millcreek's Mid-Size manure spreaders are made farm-tough with heavy gauge steel and wear-resistant features for the low maintenance, long-term reliability you need. The 57 & 77 have a heaped capacity of 56 cu.ft. and 72 cu.ft. respectively and can be towed with a compact tractor. These spreaders can easily accommodate a large stable of up to 20 horses. Both models are available in your choice of either Ground or PTO drive.

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If you're using the horse manure spreader for finer bedding materials, the optional Fines Pan helps distribute material evenly and precisely. The endgate option comes in several tiers to allow for full control over material spreading.

Millcreek's Super Spreader (SS) configuration features a stainless steel body and components for protection against rust and corrosion, and comes with a Lifetime Warranty against body rust-through. The SS is ideal for the horse owner who stores manure in their spreader between spreading intervals.


  • No-rot, no-rust poly floor
  • T-Link apron chain
  • Rugged farm grade steel construction
  • Industrial powder coat finish
  • 4.5" Flared sides for easy loading
  • Swing-away jack stand
  • Heavy duty beaters
  • Flared sides
  • Choice of drive type


  • Stainless steel body
  • Ground Drive (forward motion powers spreading action)
  • PTO Drive (Power Take-Off; connects directly to vehicle for extra power on heavy loads)
  • Ag-Traction tires for Ground Drive
  • Ribbed tires for PTO Drive
  • Manual endgate
  • Hydraulic endgate
  • Fines pan
  • Urethane interior lining with stainless hardware
  • Upper beater
  • Stainless steel body
  • Stainless steel beater
  • Stainless steel apron chain
  • Upper beater