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Mini Manure Spreader

While these are the smallest manure spreaders in the lineup, our Models 15 & 22 are built with the same reliable, quality craftsmanship Millcreek is known for. The model 15 has a heaped capacity of 8.8 cu.ft., while the 22 measures up at 16.2 cu.ft. These lightweight spreaders are constructed of galvanized 14 gauge steel and require low horsepower to operate. We recommend our Mini manure spreaders for small stables with 1-3 horses.

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The 15 & 22 models are the perfect fit to make stall cleaning faster and easier for entry-level buyers on a budget. Get trouble-free performance that's light on the wallet.


  • World's smallest conventional manure spreader
  • Very lightweight and compact
  • Low loading height
  • Galvanized 14 gauge steel
  • Low horsepower requirements
Number of Horses 1–2 1–3
Wheelbarrow Loads 1.5 2.7
Required HP 10hp / 250cc 12hp / 300cc
Tow Vehicle Lawn & Garden Tractor, ATV Lawn & Garden Tractor, ATV
Capacity Heaped 8.8 cu ft 16.2 cu ft
Body Length 46” 60”
Body Width 24” 24”
Body Height 11” 16.5”
Overall Length 84” 98”
Overall Width 42” 42”
Overall Height 21” 26.5”
Construction All Steel All Steel
Body Finish Galvanized Galvanized
Apron Chain #55 detachable #55 detachable
Wheel Assembly 4” x 8” bolt 4” x 8” bolt
Beater Drive Ground Drive Ground Drive
Weight 200 lbs 250 lbs