Essential Tips For Flying With Your Dog

There may be times when you are forced to fly with your dog in tow. While there are a few different options available to you, the most important thing should always be the dog’s comfort. Here are some essential tips to know for when you fly with your dog:

In the cabin
There are a few different ways that a dog can get into the cabin. The first way, as I’m sure you’ve seen, is people who have small dogs that they keep with them in their lap. This is obviously the easiest form of care for any dog but unfortunately airlines will have restrictions on this. Check with any airline you plan on flying with to see what their rules are.

The second way for your dog to get in the cabin is by using Pet Airways. Pet Airways is a flight service that flies just pets to several major city destinations in the country such as Denver, Los Angeles, New York, Phoenix, etc. Sometimes the cities Pet Airways flies to may not match up with your itinerary but if it does, this is an excellent thing to consider.

In the cargo hold
While this is the least desirable option for your pet, it might be a necessary one if you have a medium or large size dog. Here are just a few things that you should not overlook with your dog flying in the cargo hold:

-Take a direct flight if possible but if not, keep the stops to the minimum. If you have a connecting flight, do not get on or off a plane until you know that your dog is on or off. Have a flight attendant verify it for sure.

- Label the carrier with a “Live Animal” sticker and be sure to securely tape all of your contact information onto the crate.

- Avoid bad temperatures for your dog: Fly in the morning in the summer and in the middle of the day in the winter.

- Make sure that the dog has ample food and water. If necessary attach feeding instructions to the crate. Your dog should also have toy to play with.